“I like that we have less people in a class and we can interact more with others. I also like the open space available in classes. Camping is fun as well as a learning experience. We get good learning for managing emergencies in such trips. I also like that the school serves lunch.” – Skandesh


“This school’s learning format is the thing that I really like, its so fun and interesting to learn. The teachers are so nice and friendly and they explain concepts and listen to all of our suggestions. We also have a quiet time where we sit down and meditate for 5 minutes. It helps me refresh and relax my mind so […]


“Learning is fun in school with activities and games. New concepts are explained till they are understood well. Kids are allowed to pick topics of research. Facilitators are kind and friendly. Also, there is not much homework. With less kids in each class we get more attention and learn better. Trips are nice and we learn things like packing and […]


“My school has a very different learning system. They let us learn at our own pace. The projects are fun and you learn a lot. There are many fun activities like painting, drawing, blocks, sketching. It calms you down after the PE. There is a lot of free time for kids and there are school trips. I like the facilitators […]


“Imara is an amazing school. They are flexible and they let students learn on their own pace. I like it as we learn with kids our own age and those who understand me. Instead of classes they have groups based on child’s age and learning experiences. Imara has plenty of breaks and free time for kids. I also like that […]


“My experience with school overall has been amazing! I love going to school unlike some of my friends. I love all the activities – Project, Math, English, Art, Craft, PE. We have the liberty to learn on our own and at our pace. In this school we go for school trips which I absolutely love! We have fun while also […]


“I like how the school gives a learner ample time to figure out stuff. They teach everything by explaining subjects in many ways and through different activities and games. I also like how school organizes classes – PE in starting, then cool off time (fruit time and quiet time) as we are very jumpy during PE. Lunch time is kept […]


“It is a very nice school because the facilitators understand  children. Everyone in the school is kind to each other whether it is oldest kid or the youngest. In most schools boys keep to themselves and girls keep to themselves too. But in Imara I noticed that boys and girls play together. The teachers treat children very kindly and explain […]