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Imara - A Non-judgemental Space

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At Imara every child is looked at as a being who carries the spark of the Divine within, an innermost centre of pure potential and infinite possibilities. Every child will eventually become a unique expression of this Divine, innermost core. The physical, emotional and mental are the instruments that the Divine core uses to express itself externally. This can happen only when the body, mind and emotions are in a state of balance and equanimity. This is one of the main principles that governs the pedagogy at Imara.


Initially the physical, emotional and mental are in a gross, unawakened state, each acting on its own will, without coordinating and harmonising their movements. This leads to discordance within the child and they exhibit this in various ways – physically, emotionally and mentally. In a learning space that doesn’t work out of the principle mentioned above,  the child is, then, judged on the basis of this discordance in their behaviour. They get labeled and many a times carry this label well into their adult lives, hampering their full development into completely self-aware individuals.


But when the physical, emotional and mental are seen as instruments of the Divine that must be purified and sharpened for the purpose of the Divine, then the imperfections displayed by the body, mind and emotions in the child become just a signal to the adult of work that needs to be done to purify and cleanse these aspects. There is no judgment made on the child. There is no labeling.There is just a respectful taking note of what further needs to be done for the child and with the child to enable a movement towards aligning the physical, emotional and mental so that the child is able to express beauty, harmony and balance in whatever activity is taken up.