Our Imara

I really like this school because it helps you become a more complete and better person by looking at every aspect. In my 5 years in this school, if I observe myself I have become more aware of myself not only of my capability in academics but also emotionally and physically. When I joined this school, I never enjoyed sports and would look for every excuse to be able to skip it. I’m so fortunate that this school helped me to explore new things, they pushed me out of my comfort zone, which of course in the beginning was uncomfortable but now I can easily acclimatize to most situations. At the beginning the facilitators pushed me into doing the one hour physical activity. It took me about two to three years to actually realise what an impact it makes on me. I started to see myself not only get physically more fit but also it helped me emotionally. If I hadn’t been pushed in the beginning, I would not have found the biggest passion of mine, which is fitness. The school has also supported me to focus on what I wanted to excel in by giving me an opportunity to explore

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