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Any child who enters Imara comes in with their own innate sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. These, then, become the building blocks of the learning journey and the voyage of self-discovery that they embark upon at Imara. A fledgling bird in the beginning, the young learner is yet to become aware of their own potential to fly.  While at Imara, they are encouraged to test their ability to lift off the ground, unfold and spread their wings, slowly gaining mastery over the skill of flight, until one day, they soar up – a graceful and self-confident bird.They are now ready to set their own course and navigate their path in the world. At Imara, the day starts with the children playing out in nature, expressing themselves freely. Here is where their learning begins. They are gently nudged to look inside themselves, hone their bodies and work on their mental faculties. The same integrated approach to learning is carried forward into the rest of the day. Through the day’s activities – project work, play, and skill-building –  the children become conscious of their mental ↗,emotional ↗ and physical ↗ qualities and work on strengthening and refining them. This work happens at a visible, external level but also subliminally, at a more subtle level. Developing self-awareness is the thread that is used to weave the tapestry of each day, the colours of  work and relaxation forming a finely interwoven, balanced pattern that is conducive to more effective assimilation of the learning. Learning at Imara goes from being adult-driven at the primary level to fully independent learning at the senior school.  In the course of the learning process the child moves from the familiar and comfortable to that which is foreign and new. As they grow older, they are increasingly consulted on their own learning – the nature and the pace of it. The objective is to allow the child to open out to the joy of learning, and draw from within themselves all the resources that already exist there to enable and empower their learning.